Left Hand Milk Stout Steak Sauce

So, the Costco ladies got me…while wandering about we tried some great tri-tip and bought it on a whim. Unfortunately, as soon as we got home I was faced with an entire tri tip roast when I though we had purchased individual cuts. The roast turned out well (30-35 minutes at 450 degrees) but because I wasn’t sure the success I would have, I thought a sauce might just save the day. I started doing some reading up and found a bunch of great wine-based sauce ideas but we had no wine on hand, so whiskey or beer became my deglazing agent. Since whiskey would likely have fried our faces off, I used some Left Hand milk stout and ended up making a salty, tangy sauce with nice aromatics.




1/2 an onion, minced

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 bottle of milk stout

3 tablespoons butter or margarine

2 teaspoons fresh thyme (or 1 teaspoon dried)

1 teaspoon fresh rosemary, chopped (1/2 teaspoon dried)

salt to taste



1. Transfer your meat onto a cutting board or plate to rest covered in tin foil. Preserve the cooking pan, juicy bits and all, and place it on the stove over medium heat. Sautee the onions until translucent, then add the garlic.

2. Pour in milk stout and whisk to incorporate all meaty tidbits and continue to reduce the sauce. This will continue to reduce for about 20 minutes. Stir frequently.

3. With about five minutes left in cook time, add butter, thyme and rosemary. Add salt to taste, stir again to incorporate. Enjoy!

A note on tri-tips…tri-tips are like sirloin’s ugly sister. Since they come from the same muscle group, they are both tougher cuts of meat. Tri-tips need to be cut thin to ensure that they don’t become too chewy. Great flavor, just a lot of jaw work.



Photo courtesy of stuntgranny.com


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