Stop everything! Go here: Bang!

For my first restaurant review, I’m excited to share about Bang! Located at 32nd and Lowell in the Highlands, Bang! is a relaxed, indoor-outdoor eatery. Here is their website: Entering through the secret side entrance to the patio is a bit like walking through Diagon Alley into The Secret Garden and makes the place an even greater find.


I’ve had two wonderful meals there, and cannot wait to go back! Last night, we started with their calamari which were spicy, tangy and sweet with a great crunch, and an arugula salad loaded high with goat cheese, almonds, dried apricots and a light vinaigrette. Enjoyed with a light glass of reasonably priced pinot grigio, it was a great start.

We all had something very different for our entrees, showing the range of culinary prowess in place at Bang! We had everything from duck confit with a sweet orange glaze and roasted vegetables to spicy and thick jumbo loaded with perfectly-cooked shrimp. We finished with decadent bittersweet chocolate panna cotta and rolled ourselves out.

Wonderful cooking, a beautiful atmosphere and a friendly people make Bang! a great neighborhood place that exemplifies the spirit of the foodie.


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