Stop everything! Go here: Cafe Jordano

This weekend we had the opportunity to go back to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Denver, Cafe Jordano. We have been lucky enough to visit Cafe Jordano many times in the past, but now I’m finally getting a chance to share how wonderful this place is!cafe jordano 2

For this trip to Cafe Jordano, we started with traditional calamari, perfectly hot and crispy, served with as much of their homemade marinara as we could manage. For dinner, we had the cannelloni filled with melt-in-your-mouth homemade meatballs and a light ricotta filling. While the meatballs were wonderful, the homemade pasta for the cannelloni was incredible. The pasta is extremely light and delicate and compliments its fillings perfectly. We also shared the buffalo marsala, a traditional dish with a twist. While you might expect the sweet, nutty marsala wine sauce and the perfectly cooked mushrooms, the extremely tender buffalo keeps the dish light and adds an interesting twist.

While the food and atmosphere at Cafe Jordano originally drew us in, it’s the love of family that keeps us coming back. Cafe Jordano is owned by Elisa Heitman, a Napoli native who moved to the US in 1979. Elisa named the restaurant after her son Jordan, and has worked hard to make the restaurant a success since day one. In the beginning, Elisa was the cook and the only waitress. Today, their favorite head chef, Jorge, is back in the kitchen and Elisa gets help waiting tables from her family. Charlotte, her daughter-in-law was our waitress and her son was working hard bussing tables. The family’s care for their restaurant was obvious; the service was wonderful and even though we had to wait for a table, it was all worth it.

cafe jordano 1

Elisa with pictures of her family

So enjoy your trip to Cafe Jordano, a family-friendly taste of Italy in Southwest Denver. For directions and hours please see their website:



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