Stop everything! Go here: Grappa Italian Bistro

We made our first trip to Grappa Italian Bistro in Belmar last night. Grappa was a great mix incredible food, relaxing atmosphere and engaging and interesting people. This is sure to be a new favorite. We had gotten shut out of most any Mother’s Day brunch/tea/lunch/dinner options so I was searching (last minute, of course) for a great, low-key place to take mom for a special meal together. We had walked by Grappa a couple times and read their menu. It always sounded great and reasonably priced, so I thought it could be a the perfect thing for a snowy Mother’s Day. We were so pleasantly surprised.

We started with Ahi Tuna Tartar and Beef Carpaccio. Both came with petite salads so our rabbit-food needs were met, and both were expertly prepared with the fresh ingredients. Now, usually table bread is not the world’s most exciting thing, but when you pair it with the homemade spinach and basil pesto that Grappa makes, I could eat an entire loaf by myself. The pesto is made of equal parts spinach and basil, roasted garlic, olive oil and salt, very simple and VERY delicious.

For dinner, I had the filet mignon with an amazing topping of porcini mushrooms, bacon and blue cheese. The meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare and the sauce and topping were so delicious you could have put it on your foot and it would have been scrumptious. It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Mom has the Osso buco, a Milanese specialty that Grappa put its own twist on. Instead of using the traditional veal shank, Grappa used a lamb shank that came straight out of the Flinstones but was so tender it didn’t need a knife.

Enjoy your trip to Grappa, if you can manage to save some room for dessert please let me know how it is!

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