South Pearl Street Farmers Market

Once upon a time I promised to share about the farmers markets in my area, so now that summer is almost over, I figured I had better get on it! One of the great markets in my neighborhood is the South Pearl Street market. Every Sunday from May 11 to November 2nd, from 9 am to 1 pm, the market is busy and buzzing! Where other markets are focused solely on food or merchandise or produce, the South Pearl market is a nice blend of all of these.




The market is always busy, and parking is limited, so it’s much nicer to bike over and park your bike at one of the many light posts or bike racks. You’ll find several musical performers, food trucks with options ranging from ice cream and burgers to fresh pressed juice and falafels, and produce stands abound!


One of my favorite things about farmers markets is that I find I always learn something new when I visit one. This most recent time, I spent some time chatting with the food truck vendors. My one-day dream is to own a food truck featuring seasonal yummies, but until then, I’m bent on learning as much as possible about the food truck world. The food truck vendors were extremely welcoming and I got a chance to chat with them about permits, and truck designs, kitchen space and drawing guests.


I always plan on just going to see the market and pick up a thing or two, but this most recent time, I found grass-fed beef raised in Kiowa, Colorado, fresh pierogi (a Polish dumpling), honey, raspberries, arugula, cherry tomatoes and fresh-made muenster cheese. So delicious!


For more information about the market, its location and special events, visit the South Pearl St event page


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