Blog Update: We’re going gluten-free!

Hi all,

Sorry it’s been such a long stint since my last post. I’ve become really involved in our brand new community garden, been doing a load of wedding planning for our wedding in October, and become a member of Denver’s Sustainable Food Policy Council. That said, summer is sorta-kinda-ish here in CO and that means farmer’s markets, garden goodies, camping food and local yummies galore-with one twist. This spring I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

I didn’t really realize I had a problem with gluten until I visited my doctor and for the umpteenth time complained of being exhausted, no matter how much sleep I got. She recommended a full dietary blood panel and sure enough my tTG levels (t-Transglutaminase-the standard test for celiac) came back at 74 U/mL when the healthy range is 0 to 3-woops. After some other tests, it was confirmed that I have celiac disease, so more wheat…ever.

Once diagnosed, the first couple of days were OK, but after about day 3, the cravings hit. Fluffy bread, pasta, cakes, beer-anything that contained gluten was all I wanted. It was bad. I was actually dreaming about food. Slowly though, I began to find some replacements for those items that I reaalllyy wanted and I learned which replacements to avoid-some things are just not the same and not worth the money to try to replace them. It’s been about 4 months now since my final diagnosis and it’s much better. The cravings are gone (although I do still drool over bagels and doughnuts when folks bring them into the office), I have a good arsenal of GF bread and pasta and I’ve learned how NOT to get burned when I eat out at restaurants. It’s been a learning process, but I feel so much better and I know I’m treating my body better. If anyone is struggling with a new diagnosis of celiac, I am happy to chat-just shoot me an email at

So, all that said, I’m really excited to get back to the blog. I don’t think I’ll be focusing on “gluten-free” recipes, but rather recipes where you won’t notice that the gluten is missing. I still want to keep my focus on local, healthy foods and having a good time in the kitchen. Stay tuned folks, I’m excited to share what we can make with the bounty this summer has to hold!


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