New Logo for Messy Kitchen Happy Belly!


Chickity check it out! We spiffed up the site! As part of the effort to bring my blog up to speed I decided to go on a search for a logo, and I lucked out! I worked with Amanda at Tickle Me Artsy for my new design and she did an amazing job.

Amanda was incredibly easy to work with, really helped me conceptualize what I was looking for and figured out how incorporate the Colorado/local focus of the blog, the cooking and the connection to sustainability (check out that cute leaf!). You can visit Amanda’s Etsy store at: .

My hope is that the new logo will bring some “brand” recognition to MKHB and give me something to use for promotional materials and on social media sites. Speaking of which, have you checked out my Facebook page and my Twitter? Shameless plug coming up momentarily…

Facebook is here:,

and I’m MKHBRecipes on Twitter, linked here: .

Give those a look when you have a minute, I’ll be posting more of the events that I attend on my Facebook page and I’m always finding great people and interesting stories on the Tweeter.



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