Apply today to Grow a Garden!

Hi all! Check out this wonderful program from Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) to purchase low-cost seeds for delicious vegetables this summer! Deadline to apply is February 10!

Information and Applications available at the link below:

Grow a Garden– seeds, seedlings & know-how

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Today’s the day! Denver Food Vision Public Meeting



Photo courtesy of Denver Urban Gardens

Good morning everyone! I am so excited to say that Denver will be hosting several public meetings today (Jan 12) to discuss our drafted Denver Food Vision. The Food Vision is a plan for ensuring equitable healthy food access across Denver for the next 15 years. Drafted by the Office of Economic Development, and my friend Blake Angelo, the Food Vision combines the work of countless volunteers (myself included), city organizations and community groups to create a plan that includes everyone’s voice and meets everyone’s needs. Check out the pdf and video linked here to learn more about the plan and the meeting TODAY!

Denver Food Vision Jan 12, 2017 Meeting Promo


It’s Official, Messy Kitchen Happy Belly is OPEN For Business!


I have wonderful news to share today, I have received my official certification from the City of Littleton to become Littleton’s first cottage food producer. Remember these beautiful jams that I teased you all with long ago? Of course you do, and of course, you’ve been dying to buy a batch to share with your friends and family! I’ll be offering:

  • Jams like the strawberry and roasted ginger strawberry shown above and many more
  • Gluten-free baked goods including (but not limited to), brownies, cakes and cupcakes, cookies, pies and bread.

Please visit the Messy Kitchen Store, listed at the top of my home page, to learn more and place your order!! You can view the full menu of items I’m offering by clicking here. 

Exciting News! Messy Kitchen is now on SideChef!


In a very exciting turn of events I have been asked to be a Content Partner for the SideChef app! SideChef is a free app for both iOS and Android platforms aimed at helping folks cook at home. The app interactively guides you through recipes from various home cooks and chefs alike. Check it out here:

I’ll be joining an impressive list of content partners including Abundant Harvest Organics, BravoTV, Garlic and Zest, Roots CSA, Vincenzo’s Plate, The Edgy Veg, Alexandra Cooks, Vodka and Biscuits, Bob’s Red Mill, Lodge Cast Iron, Bird Pick Tea & Herb, and more!

I’m finishing up my application steps but soon you’ll be seeing the Messy Kitchen logo on the list of partners! Check out the full list here:

This blog of mine is always surprising me. Messy Kitchen Happy Belly just started as a fun way to share recipes with friends and now it may be leading me on a different journey. Here’s to exploring all of life’s possibilities!



Quick Cottage Food Update!

Hi all, just a quick update. I just received approval from my HOA to run my cottage food business! I’ve completed my food safety training (thanks to Colorado State University for a great class) as well, so now my next step is to work with the City of Littleton’s permit departments and get registered as a small business. Very exciting!

First Steps into the Cottage Food World


I am lucky to live in Colorado where we have adopted two pieces of Cottage Food legislation. Cottage Foods are essentially home-grown products that can be sold small-scale by a home producer. This usually translates into (uncut) produce, jams and jellies and various non-custard baked goods. For example, you could sell whole zucchini and bake oatmeal cookies but you couldn’t sell pasta sauce and cream-filled eclairs. Most jams and jellies are OK simply because the amount of sugar within acts as a preservative.

After figuring out that I wanted to pursue “something related to urban agriculture” I decided to focus first on becoming a Cottage Food producer. This seems like a gentle entry into the food producing world, and most of the products are things that I already make at home. Of course there are steps to becoming a producer; you don’t just pop up a farm stand and write open for business on a piece of poster board.

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Made gorgeous jam today!


Hi all, happy Friday! Just a quick post to show off some gorgeous jam I made today. I made classic strawberry jam and roasted strawberry and ginger jam today. Turned out beautifully. Jams like these are one of the things I’d love to sell this summer once I get my Cottage Food license!