Shortbread T. rex Cookies


Back in June we celebrated a momentous occasion-the 21st birthday of Jurassic Park! Now, this may not be a big deal to you, but for any 90s kid, this movie marked the first time you were afraid of restaurant kitchens and the first time you looked at mosquitoes in a whole new light. To celebrate Jurassic Park’s big day, we had a full blown dino dinner party, complete with shortbread T. rex cookies and gluten-free asteroid cookies.  The gluten-free cookies were a bit of a disaster (although yummy) but the ferocious T. rex cookies turned out quite well, check them out!

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Berry Cobbler

Calling this a cobbler is a bit of a stretch, but this is a great summer dessert and a good way to start up the brand new! Try this easy sweet for a backyard BBQ or a picnic, and have a happy summer!

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Triple Chocolate Cake

Every once in a while I really enjoy baking something sweet and a little different. I usually don’t like chocolate cake, it has a tendency to be dry and can just be overwhelming. This cake gave me a new perspective on chocolate cakes everywhere. The glaze “icing” on this cake is a nice alternative to the same old chocolate icing and the fluffy inner layer keeps this cake light and moist.

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Fresh Pumpkin Pie

Happy 2014 readers! After a long break, I’m back with some of the holiday yummies I made while I was away. I’d like to start off with the awesome pumpkin pie I made–from the pumpkin! This may not excite you quite the same way it thrills me, but this was one of those cooking challenges I was absolutely convinced I could never pull off successfully and it turned out to be so much easier than I expected.

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Saturday morning strawberry muffins

This Saturday morning I felt particularly inspired and wanted something light and sweet to go with breakfast. I had some strawberries on hand and steadfastly refused to waste them, so it was time to make strawberry muffins! I used a high-altitude recipe so the measurements are a bit funky, but it did work! Fluffy, light muffins were mine! These are not particularly sweet, so sprinkle some sugar on top if you want it, but I though it was a nice balance of flavor and really brought out the strawberry.

strawberry muffin

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