South Pearl Street Farmers Market

Once upon a time I promised to share about the farmers markets in my area, so now that summer is almost over, I figured I had better get on it! One of the great markets in my neighborhood is the South Pearl Street market. Every Sunday from May 11 to November 2nd, from 9 am to 1 pm, the market is busy and buzzing! Where other markets are focused solely on food or merchandise or produce, the South Pearl market is a nice blend of all of these.



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Via Toscana and Paula Poundstone, Making Things Right in the World

I think the saying goes “man plans, and God laughs”; no statement has better described my family’s life for the last couple of months. Mom and I had a great trip to Mesa Verde all planned out for Mother’s Day weekend (Mom is an archaeology nut) and then, well…life happened. One little slip lead to Mom needing her kneecap completely rebuilt, surgery, physical therapy, the whole nine yards. Health is a gift-never forget that! On top of all that, we’ve lost several close family and friends recently. Each loss has been horribly unexpected (although I don’t think you’re ever ready) but has truly made us realize how blessed we are to have the friends and family that we do.

So since life went all topsy-turvy and we weren’t quite ready to go bussling around Mesa Verde, I got mom tickets to see Paula Poundstone at Chautauqua. If you have never seen Paula do standup, do yourself a favor and look her up immediately. By the end of the night my ribs (not just my abs) hurt from laughing so hard. The woman is a true comedic genius. These past couple months have been especially hard on Mom, and it was so wonderful to see her laughing so hard she was crying. Because life is short, and food is delicious, we decided to go to Via Toscana on the way to the theatre. What a great way to start the night!

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Stop everything! Go here: Grappa Italian Bistro

We made our first trip to Grappa Italian Bistro in Belmar last night. Grappa was a great mix incredible food, relaxing atmosphere and engaging and interesting people. This is sure to be a new favorite. We had gotten shut out of most any Mother’s Day brunch/tea/lunch/dinner options so I was searching (last minute, of course) for a great, low-key place to take mom for a special meal together. We had walked by Grappa a couple times and read their menu. It always sounded great and reasonably priced, so I thought it could be a the perfect thing for a snowy Mother’s Day. We were so pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

Stop everything! Go here: Bang!

For my first restaurant review, I’m excited to share about Bang! Located at 32nd and Lowell in the Highlands, Bang! is a relaxed, indoor-outdoor eatery. Here is their website: Entering through the secret side entrance to the patio is a bit like walking through Diagon Alley into The Secret Garden and makes the place an even greater find.


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