Luscious Baked Eggs


Looking for a something warm, cozy and little different for brunch this weekend? Check out these creamy, savory baked egg ramekins. Start with a layer of soft mashed potatoes, add in fragrant thyme, crispy bacon and finish with some gooey mozzarella and you’re looking at a tasty breakfast!

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Mom’s Crab Cakes


I love crab cakes, but I don’t love greasy, hard crab cakes that leave you like the Clara Peller of the sea, “where’s the crab?!”. Here’s a great recipe that I whipped together with mom last weekend that solve the woes of the underwhelming crabby patty. These crab cakes are light, filled with veggies and herbs and tons of, you guessed it, sweet, juicy crab.

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Deviled Eggs Four Ways

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I have a thing about eggs. My husband describes it as an “unnatural desire for eggs” or a “gross affinity for them”. If¬†Lara Ferroni had not already written Put an Egg on It, that would have been the title for my first cookbook. I love the umptiousness that they bring to any dish and make even the simplest dish seem special. Deviled eggs are a perfect example of simple eggs made fancy. These are some of my favorite party treats and I like them even more because they can be made ahead of time, are relatively inexpensive and are easy and fun to experiment with. This year, I went bonkers and make deviled eggs four ways: classic, lemony, spicy and savory.

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Simple Breakfast Casserole

 Breakfast casserole_lesscropped

In my constant battle to get to work on time, I’m always looking for healthy, quick and protein-packed breakfast items-this casserole fits the bill! Here’s a super simple breakfast casserole sure to be a crowd-pleaser. This casserole serves four, can be made a day (or two) ahead and is made with your favorite mix-ins. I’ve made mine with juicy,¬†lean chicken¬†sausage, green onions and light cheddar cheese. This casserole is¬†a great quick breakfast before work, on a holiday morning or before a¬†summer¬†bike ride.

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Zucchini Bread Muffins


I love zucchini bread. No, really; if I see if from afar, I will go out of my way to capture it and consume it as soon as humanly possible. I love the moist center, the holiday spices, the crunch of the squash-but what I love the most about zucchini bread is the memories it brings back to me. When I was little we went to the beach every summer and we always stopped at this one special farm stand. They had the best corn picked only moments before being sold, amazingly sharp white cheddar, incredibly sweet fruits and the world’s best zucchini bread. Even now, zucchini bread reminds me of that stand and lazy summers spent in the salty air. I’ve tried in vain to recreate that stand’s recipe for years, and come to the realization that maybe muffins are the way to go, rather than the traditional bread. I’ve had more success keeping the muffins moist than I have with bread, and it seems that the spices are more aromatic in the smaller form. I really like the contribution of the applesauce in this recipe, it gives the muffins sweet flavor and keeps them moist and the holiday spice blend in this recipe makes your house smell amazing! Give this recipe a shot and let me know what you think!

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