Luscious Baked Eggs


Looking for a something warm, cozy and little different for brunch this weekend? Check out these creamy, savory baked egg ramekins. Start with a layer of soft mashed potatoes, add in fragrant thyme, crispy bacon and finish with some gooey mozzarella and you’re looking at a tasty breakfast!

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Baked Brie with Sage and Prosciutto


Life Pro Tip: never underestimate the power of cheese. I made this for a group of friends last year and thought, “Oh they won’t like it, it’s just a bit of cheese”…well, I was dead wrong. The brie got munched in about a total of 5 moments despite any technical difficulties getting the oozy cheese actually in your mouth rather than on your shirt. This recipe comes with a total of three ingredients, is ready in about 15 whole minutes and is guaranteed to bring folks flocking.

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Roasted beets with herbed goat cheese and crushed almonds

finished 1

I would love to tell you that this was a wildly difficult recipe requiring years of training and recipe perfection, but really, this dish is so simple I almost didn’t put it on the blog. Almost…Then I did some reflection and realized that a simple recipe can be delicious, welcome on a busy night, and, like these gorgeous roasted beets, quite beautiful.

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Local Burger Night Celebrating James Ranch

burger no egg

Well, time got away from me and I am a bit behind with my posts-so prepare for a blog blast! The first thing I wanted to share with you all was a great local burger night that we had at home. We rarely have burgers at home, but when we do, we don’t mess around. For this night, I wanted to make sure that all our ingredients came from the big CO. On our recent trip to Durango, Mom and I had recently visited the James Ranch and we were blown away by all the beautiful cheeses, vegetables and meats. The ranch is just outside of Durango, near Hermosa, CO. The James family has cared for the land since 1961 with the goal of producing nutritious, delicious and humanely-raised food for the community.

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Cheddar, Bacon and Chive Scones

Completed Scones

While perusing my stash of food blogs (yes, I have a stash of food blogs) I came across these awesome scones by My Favourite Pastime. These were simply too beautiful and my mouth was simply watering too much to pass them by, so I jumped on my next chance to make them. The first time I made these scones I followed the recipe exactly and they were good. Not as pretty as the picture (of course) but still tasty. But the second time I made them I got serious and added some crumbled up bacon, and woah doggy, totally delicious!

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