Luscious Baked Eggs


Looking for a something warm, cozy and little different for brunch this weekend? Check out these creamy, savory baked egg ramekins. Start with a layer of soft mashed potatoes, add in fragrant thyme, crispy bacon and finish with some gooey mozzarella and you’re looking at a tasty breakfast!

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Simple Breakfast Casserole

 Breakfast casserole_lesscropped

In my constant battle to get to work on time, I’m always looking for healthy, quick and protein-packed breakfast items-this casserole fits the bill! Here’s a super simple breakfast casserole sure to be a crowd-pleaser. This casserole serves four, can be made a day (or two) ahead and is made with your favorite mix-ins. I’ve made mine with juicy, lean chicken sausage, green onions and light cheddar cheese. This casserole is a great quick breakfast before work, on a holiday morning or before a summer bike ride.

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