Devils on Horseback


If you’re looking for the perfect party bite that everyone will love, look no further. These sweet, salty treats disappear almost immediately. The crunch of the bacon, the creamy filling of the date, no one will be able to resist (ok, maybe the vegetarians…).

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Mini “BLTs”

Here’s a great snack that’s easy to pull together for a potluck or a dinner party. These mini BLTs look like you spent all night slaving away, but making 20 of them only took about a half an hour. The trick is in the tools; I recommend using the pokey end of a melon baller to core your cherry tomatoes, a food processor to get a smooth filling and ye old plastic bag “piping bag”. These are sure to impress, make you you make some extra for gobbling up as you cook¬†for “tasting”.


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