Apply today to Grow a Garden!

Hi all! Check out this wonderful program from Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) to purchase low-cost seeds for delicious vegetables this summer! Deadline to apply is February 10!

Information and Applications available at the link below:

Grow a Garden– seeds, seedlings & know-how

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Sunny Summer Pizza

finished 1

The summer squash are coming in at our community garden. Golden and sweet, their misshapen bodies offer some wonderful summer flavors. After excitedly harvesting several from the thicket of squash leaves, we were faced with the-“well now what?” moment. Grilled with some olive oil and rosemary, these squash are delicious but we wanted something a bit further out of the box, hence the creation of the summer sunny pizza! This light pizza starts with zesty basil pesto, and finishes with creamy fontina cheese and salty, crispy proscuitto. Sure to be a summer favorite, this makes for a beautiful weeknight dinner or an easy meal to share with friends and family.

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An Innovative Irrigation System

I have big plans for my garden this year. Big plans that involve ruby red tomatoes, fragrant basil, sweet peas and, I might add, a very cool irrigation system. I realized (with the gentle suggestion of my husband) that I may have overextended myself this summer. A new large garden, a berry box across town, a full-time job, a cottage food business and a crazy volunteer schedule has left me with very little time to run about tending to all of these interests. Unfortunately, plants don’t care. They want their water and will punish you by curling into sad ghosts of their former selves if left unattended. I knew I couldn’t make it to both gardens every day, so we needed a new idea. Our first idea was to install water barrels and use gravity to get the work done but at our new community garden, we have a few unique design requirements that required us to get more creative.

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