Salmon Poke Lettuce Wraps

I love sushi. No really; I have an uncommon amount of love for this food. I love the technique, the quality, the beauty, the whole thing. That said, my wallet does not share my love for this gorgeous food. Every once in a while I’ll go all out and try to make my own sushi at home but I’ve been looking for something simpler that gives me all the enjoyment of sushi at a fraction of the price and time-enter poke. These wraps come together in minutes, are made from healthy, fresh ingredients and can be a special lunch or appetizer that you (yes, you!) can make at home.


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Sweet Chili Salmon and Marinated Eggplant

finished eggplant and salmon

 This dish contains some of my favorite foods and great Asian flavors, spicy and sweet chili sauce and salty plump eggplant. Simple to put together, this dish shows off the colors and textures of the food and the heat and the sweet bring a bright pop of flavor for a great weeknight supper.

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